Full Name
Jed Youngs
Job Title
Practice Lead Water Stewardship
Speaker Biography
Jed has over 20 years’ experience in managing water for (mostly) the mining sector, and has a technical background in hydrogeology. Jed previously led the water planning teams for BHP’s iron ore and coal assets, which were responsible for the operational water management and environmental water stewardship of 15 major mines across two broad landscapes. He currently leads BHP's water stewardship program, which brings the company’s scientific, sustainability and business process expertise together to both strengthen BHP’s water management, and to work with others to advance water governance and environmentally sound solutions. Recently this has included the development of context-based water targets for BHP’s operating assets, and working with civil society and research partners to build a framework for the resilience of companies and communities to water stresses, and a human-rights based approach for water intensive industries. He believes strongly that for the mining industry to be successful, we must recognise the connectivity of the environment, society and production, in both our business practices and outcomes.
Jed Youngs