Full Name
Vasiliki Ioannidou
Job Title
Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering
Leeds Beckett University
Speaker Biography
Dr Vasiliki Ioannidou is a Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering and an active experimental researcher with significant field experience in contaminant/solute transport in waterways (esp. in wetlands, ponds, lagoons, streams) via tracer studies. Vasiliki has a strong background and research interest in quantifying wetland hydrodynamics, investigating interplay between water and plants, in assessing hydraulic performance of wetlands and ponds, and measuring contaminant transport and hydraulic behaviour to optimise and/or improve design of water treatment facilities. Her most recent research activities have focused on the assessment of hydraulic characteristics in mine discharge lagoons, their optimisation and modelling. Vasiliki has conducted and led several consultancies in the UK with the Coal Authority and the RSPB and is keen to develop new research collaborations.
Vasiliki Ioannidou