Full Name
Helga Sonnenberg
Job Title
Founder & CEO
Ecoreg Solutions
Speaker Biography
Helga has consulted and conducted research related to water quality, fisheries and aquatic resources for 25 years and works at all project phases from baseline to reclamation and closure. She founded Ecoreg Solutions in 2016, a company with a progressive vision and diverse work culture, with innovation, research, and people at its core.

She leads receiving water quality studies and fisheries components of baseline programs, environmental impact assessments (provincial and federal), permitting and compliance monitoring associated with industrial projects impacting water resources. Helga has conducted many pre-and and post-reclamation studies, working with engineers, developing remedial benchmarks and leading small to large multi-disciplinary teams. Helga participated in numerous projects that led to Canada’s Metal Mining Effluent Regulations (MMER) and wrote the associated water monitoring guidance. Helga provides insight to projects related to hydrology and hydrologic modelling, aquatic biology, and water quality.

An active member of the Canadian and Ontario Mining Associations for over 15 years, she participates in working groups and policy meetings. She was recently nominated to the board of the Canadian Land Reclamation Association of Ontario.
Helga Sonnenberg